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Custom Cannabis Packaging


Smell-proof, tamper evident, child-resistant options. Materials from gloss, to matte write-on, black-light, holographic and kraft. We even have tin foil cups with lids, pre-roll boxes, cartridges, and pouches for transdermal patches.


Dispensary Pak produces custom printed pouches and packaging with an emphasis on materials with distinctive barrier properties to protect products from the adverse effects of moisture, oxygen, light, heat, cold, or any number of environmental factors are the result of our initial business experience in the sorbent field involving desiccants for moisture and oxygen absorbers to provide preservative free packaging solutions.


Bring your brand to the next level with custom printed packaging

Where other companies offer printed packages in a limited number of basic bags, at Dispensary Pak we have 25 years’ experience determining the best packaging for our customers’ unique needs and can deliver custom printed packaging in a range of formats, materials and sizes.

Minimum Order Quantity: Low minimum orders starting at 5,000 bags.

Pricing: As low as $99 per 1,000 bags.


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Quality Materials; Don’t be Fooled by the Competition

There are many bags being marketed to Medical Dispensaries as “odour proof.” Most of these bags are made from a thin Polyethylene (PE) material. They are popular because they are cheap. Unfortunately, Polyethylene alone does not provide an effective air or moisture barrier. As a result, oxygen (and consequently the smell) and moisture escape through the package, depleting the freshness, potency and water weight of the product inside. A true odour proof bag is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE). The material is a tough, clear polymer that has exceptional moisture and gas barrier properties. PET is often used for food storage bags and will not transfer hazardous chemicals into the bag’s contents.


Design Services

 At Dispensary Pak we understand that your packaging is the most important piece of “branding material” that you’ll invest in. Put your best face forward with a design that speaks to your customer. We can help; whether you simply need help fitting your design to die-lines, or you need full design services from our graphics team.


Formats and Features:

 Things to consider when creating your packaging are the volume you’re packaging, the level of barrier protection your product requires to stay fresh, and what features your customers will appreciate, such as hang holes for retail display, or reclosable zippers that help maintain freshness. These are important considerations that our specialists can help you with at Dispensary Pak.


Popular Formats

  • Stand up pouch vs. flat bag
  • Gusset style: bottom gusset, side gusset, etc.
  • Material (type and thickness)
  • Reclosable or single-use (zippered and non-zippered)
  • Retail format: hang holes, stand up bags, etc.
  • Child-resistant
  • Special features such as black light and holographic film
  • Beyond the bag: pre-roll boxes, tin foil cups with printed lids and much more


      Popular Applications

      • Shatter packaging
      • Live resin packaging
      • Wax packaging
      • Infused foods packaging
      • Beverages and gel packaging
      • Chocolates, candy packaging
      • Pre-filled cartridges
      • Flower (in pre-sized bags)
      • Pre-rolls (pouches and boxes)
      • Pills (single-use CR bags and more)


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